Posted by: vallonllc | July 18, 2010

Speed Changes the Game

Hypersonic JetThe world is getting faster and change continues to accelerate. The changes during our lifetime alone are startling:

  • Snail mail to email,
  • Newspapers to TV to Twitter,
  • Monthly performance reports to data-on-demand.

The list could continue for some time, but the trend is unmistakable: Speed is changing the way we approach life.

Speed is changing the staffing game as well. The traditional approach requires three to six months to fill a position. Vallon does it in three to six days. That time collapse opens numerous possibilities and changes the way organizations can fill vacancies, handle volume fluctuations, and execute projects.

LaRuss to the mound

Making a fast change

Vacancies are less ominous when they can be filled within a week. Opportunities aren’t missed because the proper people are in position. Staff is less stressed because holes are filled quickly. Companies no longer need to compromise and accept underperformance because they can make changes quickly and effectively.

Speed changes the way companies can address their seasonal staffing needs. Deciding the optimal staffing level is a difficult decision in a seasonal business. Now, companies can match their crews with volume levels. Now, all staffing can be treated as a variable cost – moving up and down to match specific needs. More flexible usually means more effective.

Projects are also easier to address and execute because of the new speed in staffing. The ability to get the exact talent needed for only the time needed makes it possible to clear projects quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to compromise, so those special tasks get done better, faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

Hungry CheetahDon’t put your organization at a disadvantage by using an outdated model. Take advantage of speed in your recruiting efforts. Put the right people in the right places for the right amount of time by using the Vallon model.

Speed makes all the difference!

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