Posted by: vallonllc | September 5, 2010

Old Approaches to Projects Can Kill Performance

Uncompleted projects represent opportunity for most organizations. They can create new growth, improve performance, or strengthen market position. Opportunities are difficult to find and it’s vital that every viable opportunity be attacked.

Traditionally, there have been three ways to approach these projects: Do nothing, stretch the current workforce, or hire someone to fill a new role. All three of these approaches create waste. Doing nothing causes the organization to miss opportunities. Stretching the current workforce may leave the company without the skills needed to properly execute the project. Hiring someone new will cause a mismatch of talent to the opportunity.

That mismatch of talent to situation can both cause a loss of opportunity and a permanent increase in costs. Almost all projects require more talent to get started and much less when the change reaches steady state. The usual talent mismatch brings the worst of both worlds. Companies hiring talent into these situations, rarely hire the high level of talent needed to get a project off the ground because it’s too expensive in the long run. They also don’t run efficiently in the long run, because they’re required to hire more talent than required to get the project moving. Talent mismatches cause projects to be delayed and increase longer term costs.

Using interim talent solves these issues. The right talent at the right time, for just the needed time, puts companies in the position to attack opportunities. A professional who can quickly deliver the proper fit of skills and fit to culture creates great flexibility and eliminates the waste associated with tackling projects the traditional way.

The interim approach is more effective and cheaper than any other approach. The right talent enables organizations to complete projects quicker, realizing benefits sooner than other approaches. The right cultural fit enables the changes from the projects to take hold in the company and set up for the future. Finally, long-term costs are lower because the system allows high-priced, high-impact talent to enter the organization, implement the needed changes, and then leave!

GET YOUR PROJECTS MOVING!! Take advantage of the opportunities that are in your pipeline right now. Interim solutions can make possibilities reality by providing the right talent, at the right time, for the right length of time.

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