Posted by: vallonllc | September 12, 2010

Interim Talent Changes the Vacancy Game

Men on StairsHow would your decisions change if the right talent was available for any key position in 48 hours?

In the businesses I have run, it would change the way I handled vacancies – both current vacancies and ones I wanted to create. It would have allowed me to put the right talent in place quickly and capture every critical opportunity.

Vacancies stretch the resources of the organization. Trying to cover a vacancy often makes other people work out of position. It also means critical work is not being completed. Opportunities can be missed and market position affected. More seriously, critical internal functions may not be covered; opening the company to safety, legal, or regulatory issues. All of this stretching can cause the organization to lose valuable momentum.

Prospective vacancies also create issues. We can face the issue of an underperforming employee that we want to replace. Change means disruption – especially with the traditional approach to filling vacancies requiring three to six months to execute! Often that causes executives to live with mediocrity, rather than create disruption by making a change.

Super Talent in 48 hours!

The ability to engage interim talent changes the entire game. Being able to secure the right talent, with the right fit to culture, within 48 hours makes it possible to manage vacancies aggressively and eliminate much of the stress they cause.

There is absolutely no need to live with the disruptions caused by vacancies. Plugging holes quickly takes pressure off of loyal staff. Leaders can make the needed changes with confidence. Vallon can provide just the right talent to allow you to make the right moves.

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