Posted by: vallonllc | September 19, 2010

HR and the Three-Month Hiring Myth

Everyone knows, the traditional approach to hiring requires three to six months to complete. Recruiting, interviews, and the final selection process all take time. Finding the right skills, matching company culture, and overcoming relocation issues all present serious challenges. Speeding up any part of the process increases risk and can lead to disastrous results.

ExpertOver time, our HR departments have convinced us that this time cannot be shortened. The decision is so critical that it must follow a thorough process. There must be multiple options, all those options must be considered, and only the best one executed. In addition, the mesh between talent and temperament can mean the difference between success and failure, so HR tests and prods and researches any possible flaws. They’ve convinced us that the downsides to a bad hire are horrific, and we act accordingly.

The downside to a bad hire may be costly, but delay is dangerous. Taking more time to make a hiring decision does not necessarily make it better. Executive tenure is below three years and declining. More time does not guarantee a better decision and may cause more damage as opportunities are lost and remaining staff stretches to fill the vacancy.

Hiring Process

Is this your hiring process?

The traditional hiring process is flawed. Time delays stress organizations. Non-value-added activities contribute to those delays and add waste to the firm. Company HR people are not in the best position to find the best talent in the market. Finally, nothing in the process minimizes hiring risk.

It’s time to change our hiring paradigm. We at Vallon know the right talent is available quickly. Time is the enemy of an effective recruiting effort. Empty positions stretch organizations and cause missed opportunities. In addition, the longer a search continues, the more coordination it requires to keep it on track. The best candidates don’t like to be kept waiting for a decision. Using a firm like Vallon minimizes the time necessary to find the right talent and can eliminate most hiring risk with our interim options.

Fight the myth!

Vallon makes great talent is available fast. We can eliminates much of the internal non-value-added recruiting activity inside your firm. Our interim talent options can also mitigate your hiring risk. We can help you fill your vacancies quickly and effectively!

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