Posted by: vallonllc | October 31, 2010

Why Work Sucks

Our work lives tend to revolve around time and place. Traditional views of work focus on the amount of time spent working and being in a place where you can be “seen” to be at work.  Rewards, recognition, and value are set around these two elements. This focus sets a lethal trap. It tends to create an environment more concerned with fairness and equity, rather than action and results.

Workplaces tend to have a preoccupation with time and place. They measure dedication based upon the amount of time invested and determine quality of work by visibility. Both preoccupations undermine any kind of focus on results. 

Are you ready to change?

Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson wrote Why Work Sucks, a terrific book that outlines the principles of a Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE). The ROWE operates with a total disregard for time and place. Instead, that preoccupation is replaced with a laser focus on results and the customer. The new orientation transforms the entire organization and creates an entirely new, more effective way to run the business.

It sounds great on paper. Everyone wants results…right? The ROWE requires attacking sacred cows and hidden rules. Think about what this really means. Are you (let alone your whole company) ready to completely ignore time and place when it comes to work? Are you ready to toss time clocks and allow everyone to come and go as they please? Converting attention away from time and place and toward results and customers takes strong convictions – and an unwavering ability to hold a difficult position.

It’s a big task, but so is the impact. The new focus shuts down the grapevine and the sniping that goes along with it. Instead, chatter centers on new and better ways to reach customers and improve the company. The approach creates more cooperation, more action, and less clutter.

Are you ready for a change? 

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