Posted by: vallonllc | November 7, 2010

Are You Ready for the “Muddle?”

(A quick prelude…The Minnesota Summit on Ethics takes place on Friday, November 12th at St. Thomas University. If you are ready to take your own personal stand on ethics, please join us! Click here for more information. We hope to see you there!) 

The economy is muddling along. The recession is over, but growth is very slow – especially for a recovery period. There’s little evidence of a double dip; even less for strong expansion. The economy’s not going anywhere for awhile, so it’s time to make decisions and take action to improve your organization. 

Action is becoming critical for future success and survival. The slow growth path is very clear, but people are beginning to make their moves – positioning their companies for the future. Jobs are being created and the new quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve will put fresh money into the economy. Things are beginning to accelerate. 

The time to move is now! Uncertainty is now a fact of life and is creating new opportunities every day. It’s time to stop waiting and take advantage of the situation. Your competitors are looking for those opportunities. The company who finds them first, moves with new initiatives, and creates momentum will come out of these times in the strongest position. 

Uncertainty in the marketplace makes flexibility key. Action is the key to take advantage of opportunities. Many promising opportunities may not blossom. The ability to reverse field and react to changing situations will be critical to success and survival. 

People are always the most critical resource. They are a big investment and it’s critical to find the right talent…fast! Unfortunately, traditional hiring processes do neither well and contain a significant amount of risk. 

Interim talent addresses these shortfalls. The right partner can find the proper talent quickly and eliminate the hiring risk involved with bringing new people into your company. Interim talent also enables you to reverse field if opportunities don’t materialize. All of this frees you up to take aggressive action in uncertain circumstances.  

The muddling economy is beginning to move. Are you ready to take action? Interim talent can make it easier.


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