Posted by: vallonllc | November 21, 2010

Uncertainty Freeze

I’ve watched a “business freeze” for the past three years, while trying to help my clients deal with the new economy. First, the excuse was, “We need to see how the Presidential Election turns out.” Then it was, “We need to see how the Obama Administration sets up.” These excuses were followed by health care reform, mid-term elections, and uncertainty about taxes. There seems to be no end to the reasons not to take action. 

One of my fellow Manchester Companies Alumna, Patty Smith, shed new light on the phenomenon for me. She was talking about the freeze that uncertainty puts on all of us. Patty reminded me that when we do not know what to do – are uncertain – the default action is to do nothing. It’s easier than resolving the uncertainly and safer than acting blindly. Doing nothing is OK when things aren’t moving. Right now, there’s evidence to suggest that it’s becoming a risky strategy. 

It’s important to start moving and taking action. The economy is clearly growing – slowly – but still growing. That growth is causing companies to look for new opportunities and take advantage of competitors’ hesitations. Are you one of those looking for opportunities? Or are you waiting for something to change? Don’t worry. It will. 

One of our clients gave us a new idea about how to address uncertainty. They are in the midst of a transformational effort that will leapfrog them over their competition. In the middle of their operations review, it became apparent that they needed a new approach, but became stuck in between creating an effective strategy and setting up a tactical plan. They needed someone who could build that strategy, but the same person may not have the operational chops to pull together the implementation. 

Rather than stop until they resolved the conflict, or forge ahead with the wrong person, they called Vallon. We will give them the best of both worlds: We will find the right resources to help them address their strategic needs and ultimately implement that strategy. The ability to have both talents will enable them to move forward aggressively – even in the face of uncertainty. 

We can help you thaw an uncertainty freeze. Our principals bring C-level insights to any business situation that help our clients sort through their particular situation. We can quickly provide flexible help to address complex issues. The Vallon interim approach provides a smooth transition to a permanent solution.

Let us help you thaw your uncertainty freeze!



  1. funny to read the changing world of
    Employment blog. I have been able to strategize and implement successfully in my career and as a result have had to endure criticism of the levels of my success’. Now in transition, I cannot get an ear I guess due to disbelief.

    Conversation would eliminate doubt, yet the corporate hesitancy just does not want to have the conversation…

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