Posted by: vallonllc | December 19, 2010

The Great Thaw?

The economy has been in the deep freeze for a long time. It’s not just the financial fundamentals that have been frozen. It’s also been the mindset of many businesspeople that I’ve talked to over the past three years.  

I heard many reasons for businesses not to act. It started with leaders saying they were waiting for the Presidential nominations from the Democrats and Republicans. Then, it was waiting for the results of the election, followed by uncertainty about the Obama transition, health care, and the mid-term elections. The favorite reason for business inaction now is the lack of clarity around tax policy.  

The freeze may have been prudent. Markets were shrinking. Credit was tight and the rules were changing. Any broad-based recovery seemed a long way away. Most importantly, there was no real cost to treading water. 

Now the game is changing as things begin to warm up. The economy is clearly growing. Unemployment claims are down. Economists are beginning to see upside risks in their forecasts. All of these changes are causing companies to come out of hibernation and take advantage of these initial thaws. If your competition is moving and you’re not, the gains they make could be at your expense. 

It’s time to find ways to advance. Where are the places you can begin to advance with minimal risk and cost? Are there still opportunities to improve present operations? Can you explore new markets? Are there initiatives on the shelf that hold promise? It’s time to execute on plans to improve top and bottom lines. 

Maintaining SkillsMany new growth approaches lower the risk of these initiatives. Using interim talent is one of those approaches. Interim experts have a quick impact with none of the usual hiring, engagement, or performance risk involved with using a consultant or hiring someone permanently. If there’s a hiccup with interim talent, it’s easy to correct and move forward.  

There’s also a huge upside to using interim talent. You can engage great talent for specific requirements. Great talent means great results, putting your organization in terrific position to take advantage of a thawing market. 

The thaw is here. Are you ready to take advantage of it?
























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