Posted by: vallonllc | January 23, 2011

Learning to Keep Up with Accelerating Change

Change continues to accelerate. We’ve talked in this space many times about the need to keep up with that change and continually upgrade and update our skills and knowledge. That process follows a repeating cycle:

  • Engage in catalytic learning;
  • Practice and make the changes your own;
  • Measure yourself against the best; and
  • Adjust and repeat.

The cycle facilitates continuous learning and keeping up with change. 

All of this hit home again last week when I attended a National Speakers Association workshop. Now I’m a pretty good speaker and can hold my own at the podium, but these people are among the best in the country at what they do. Watching them do their magic made me ready to learn. 

Learn we did. Pros sharing their time and talent is a rare opportunity. I was focused on the material and drove to master the key concepts. Practice made the new skills my own. 

Then came the measuring… 

It’s one thing to measure against your peers. It’s entirely different to measure against world-class talent. It was clear where I needed to improve and the gaps motivated me to go through the cycle once again. Working with the professionals also provided great examples to emulate in the future. 

It was a terrific Saturday for me. Sometimes it’s too easy to just claim to be good and not do the hard work necessary to actually be the best and keep up with change. Measure yourself against the best and keep up with accelerating change.




  1. Good Insight, Buckley! I like the analogy to the “Plan, do, Check, act” process as well. Keep stirring the pot, we all benefit.

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