Posted by: vallonllc | March 13, 2011

Stay Flexible in an Uncertain Economy

We’re beginning to see some early strength in the economy. Unemployment continues to trend down, manufacturing optimism is up, and consumer spending is growing. The signs are still pointing toward a “sneaky good” year in 2011. 

Are you ready to take advantage of the growth we are seeing? Have you identified the opportunities that are in your wheelhouse and put together a strategy to attack those items worthy of your attention? It’s time to have actions in place that will move your organization forward. 

Our clients are making the most of the new economy. They are finding reasons to move ahead and grow their operations, pulling out of their defensive positions and causing pain for their competition. They are on the attack and ready to make the most of the new economy. Most of these opportunities involve a change in direction and the uncertainty that comes with that change makes it critical to stay flexible and move quickly. 

Are you using super talent?

Interim talent changes the game and plays a major part of these initiatives. Vallon provides the perfect talent to make opportunities come to fruition. There is no need to compromise with our candidates. You can match the skills to immediate needs; and when those needs change, to those new needs. When your needs change, you can change the skills engaged. The flexibility of interim talent in key positions minimizes risk and improves performance. 

Take advantage of the opportunities the new economy presents. Stay focus and flexible, going on attack with interim talent. You can move before your competition and gain the advantage.  

Or you can wait…




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