Posted by: vallonllc | January 8, 2011

It’s Not Just the “What” – It’s also the “Why”

We talk a lot about personal branding in this spot: the need to be clear about what you do and how it’s different from anyone else. It’s critical to specifically understand what it is that separates you from the rest of the crowd and makes you unique. 

Contrasting that is a great podcast that focuses on understanding the “Why” of what you do. Simon Sinek, on Koren Motekartis’ radio show, talked about how it’s that “Why” that frees us to reach our potential. Defining the “Why” enables us to become positive and proactive in the way we attack life. It truly taps into our core. 

The “Why” is extremely difficult to define. There’s a physiological reason for this; as the part of our brain that controls logic and emotion is separate from the part that handles language. Think about when you try to describe something that moves you: a beautiful piece of music, a touching story, or an intense movie. Think about how hard those things are to describe. 

It’s just as difficult to describe our “Why,” but being able to connect with it unleashes incredible power. Knowing “Why” frees our passion and brings focus to our activities. That focus allows us to be positive and proactive. We know what needs to be done and we have the passion to get it done. 

The power and passion enables us to focus on the positive. No matter the situation, our attention works on what we can influence and implement. When we stay positive, we avoid all of the energy drain involved around getting angry about things we can’t control. Instead, we stay positive, focused, and enjoy the ride. 

Part of that ride is sharing the “Why” with others. It provides power for us. It provides power for those around us. It does that in two ways. First, it focuses our efforts in a way to improve the world. Second, it helps others to find their “Why” and make their own impact. Those two elements make numerous small changes possible. Many small changes can make a huge difference. 

It’s time to unleash that positive energy. Let’s take time to find our own “Why.” Then, let’s help others find the same thing. Those two things can make a huge difference in the world!



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