Posted by: vallonllc | January 16, 2011

Change Paradigms! Move Fast or Go Home!

There are three traditional responses to business problems:

  • Do nothing – when the issue will solve itself or you don’t have the resources to do anything else.
  • Bring in a consultant – when you need an outside opinion to verify a strategy or need someone to study a particular market condition.
  • Retain a recruiter – when you have a stable, long-term personnel need and can wait three to six months for help.

All of the responses apply in certain circumstances, but all of them have serious shortcomings. 

Vallon provides a fourth option: Interim Executives. Our alternative provides the right talent at the right place at the right time. We provide the talent fast: usually within 48 hours. The new alternative is possible because we invest 40% of our time understanding the available talent in our market. We do our homework in advance so that we can move quickly when the phone rings. 

This new approach creates a huge advantage for organizations that can change their paradigm for handling key issues. Problems are solved quickly and efficiently without increasing overhead or permanent headcount. Opportunities can be attacked because the right talent is available and fully under the organization’s control. It’s a new way to attack issues. 

Interim help changes the game because it increases speed and reduces risk. Bringing new people into an organization usually slows it down and increases risk. The right partner makes it possible to quickly find fit talent and eliminate hiring risk.  

Engaging Vallon makes both a reality. We have held more than 3,500 face-to-face interviews with executives who want to be in our talent pool. We know the Twin Cities market and move fast. In addition, we stand behind the talent we deliver. If one of our executives doesn’t deliver, we remove them immediately. That guarantee has been in place for the entire five years we have been in business and has never been used. 

It’s time to change mindsets about the way to address difficult problems. Interim talent can address critical issues and enable organizations to take full advantage of new opportunities. Vallon takes the risk and hassle out of the engagement process.

Make your move! Increase your speed! Exploit your opportunities! 










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